7 Tips To Keeping Your Emails Secure

The majority of people send emails daily. Consequently, it is essential to protect your email account. Emails are the preferred method by which hackers access your data.

Email scams and attacks, such as phishing and virus attacks, are some of the oldest methods in the book for cyber criminals—and they still work incredibly well.

Cybersecurity Toolkit

I remember the first time my dad gave me a box of tools. I was moving out for the first time, and he gave me a box filled with an old hammer, two screwdrivers (one flathead, the other Phillips head), a rusty wrench, and a tape measure. It wasn't much but it showed me that he wanted to make sure that I was ok.

The 7 Ghosts of Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but it also well known, among the vernacular of the younger generation, as Spooky Season. Most people are more concerned with ghosts, ghouls, and goblins than they are with the dangers lurking in the dark corners of the Internet.

Man-Made Problems in the Digital World

If you've watched any sci-fi movie, you probably understand the perceived dangers of the digital world. Primarily the unrealistic dangers of artificial intelligence. Now, I'm not saying that AI won't be a threat in the future but it's important to note that right now the people using the Internet pose a much bigger threat than an incoming Robo-Apocalypse.

The Secret History of Cybersecurity Awareness Month (And its Not-So-Secret Future)

Have you ever wondered where all those weird holidays come from? Like, who got to decide that April 23rd was National Talk Like Shakespeare Day? Or that Squirrel Appreciation Day would fall on January 21st? Or that the last Friday of every April would be National Hairball Awareness Day? An entire day to make sure that your feline friends aren’t spewing wet clumps of hair on to the floor seems like a waste of time, but do you know what isn’t? An entire month dedicated to cybersecurity.

Kaseya Ransomware Final Update

To complete our updates to the Kaseya Ransomware incident.

Kloud9 has fully started its Kaseya VSA server backup after extensive testing of the patches provided by Kaseya on July 16th.

Although Kloud9's clients were generally not affected by this incident, it did slightly reduce our service deliverability and delayed our billing cycles.

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