An innovative tool for video conferencing

Telepresence gives businesses the ability to use HD video conferencing technology that creates a more “in person” meeting experience -- more face-to-face interactions between the people in the meeting through the transmission of life-size, high-definition images and audio.

At Kloud9IT, we can provide your Cleveland business with this technology as a monthly service, so there’s no investment in hardware. Telepresence is an affordable way to revolutionize the way you communicate.

Our Telepresence service allows you to:

  1. Minimize time and money spent on travel - get face-to-face, personal connections without ever leaving your Telepresence-equipped office
  2. Communicate more effectively - by combining video and audio in real time, your messages will be loud and clear
  3. Improve flexibility and cut your commute - with video conferencing tools, you can work remotely and retain communication with partners around the world

Video conferencing solutions offer you the chance to give presentations and product demonstrations; communicate with partners and distributors in real-time; host events (including webinars) online; and connect with potential customers and leads.

Telepresence is:

  • Provided as a monthly service, with no initial capital expenses
  • Cost-effective and available for use in multiple locations
  • Easy to use, offering a variety of exclusive features

Telepresence video conferencing will change the way your business communicates, improving your interactions with customers, distributors, business associates, and vendors, while significantly decreasing your travel costs.

To find out more about Telepresence, contact Kloud9IT today.

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