Microsoft Office 365

The familiar cloud solution you’ve been waiting for

Are you interested in the cloud, but are afraid of adapting to something so unfamiliar? Do you fear that you or your staff will be slowed down by the burden of having to learn a new technology? At Kloud9IT we understand how new IT can make you feel nervous. You have a business to run, and you don’t have time to bother with all the frustrations, learning curve, and wasted hours it takes to get you and your staff up to speed. With Kloud9IT’s Microsoft Office 365 solution, you can finally put these fears to bed.

Microsoft Office 365 gives you an easy, familiar way to transition to the cloud. It seamlessly integrates with the software and applications you’re already familiar with, making your transition to cloud computing a stress-free experience. Best of all, it's free for the first month and then just $5 per user, per month after that.

Microsoft Office 365 empowers your staff with the ability to connect to your business from anywhere. And with anytime access to your business data, your staff productivity levels will soar to new heights.

Here’s how your Cleveland business can benefit from Microsoft Office 365:

  • Your email, documents, contacts and calendar can be accessed anytime from any web-enabled device
  • Enjoy modern collaboration tools that allow you to view, edit and share documents using Office Web Apps
  • Robust security settings allow you to share documents securely with colleagues and customers
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam provide you reliable, industry-leading security solutions
  • Access the best of 21st century communication tools with online meetings for web conferencing, multiparty data sharing and IM - all from one convenient platform
  • 99% uptime is financially-backed and a guaranteed service
  • Unlimited access to community-based, reliable support that’s moderated 24/7

Microsoft Office 365 gives you all the flexibility and power of the cloud with the applications you know and love.

Call the experts at Kloud9IT today to learn how your Cleveland business can take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

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