Cloud Computing

Much more than a silver lining

With an Internet-based foundation, Kloud9IT’s cloud computing provides your Cleveland business with a simple, flexible and affordable IT infrastructure – complete with technical support – in one monthly program. Our service includes all the hardware, software, and data security you need to keep your business running safely and efficiently.

Benefits of our Cloud Computing management program include:

  • No initial capital investment required
  • Ability to scale up or down as your business changes
  • No additional IT staff needed
  • More time for you to focus on business priorities

Our Cloud Computing services offer:

  • Built-in data backup and recovery
  • Secure data storage using Zenith’s BitSpread technology
  • A centralized management console
  • An intuitive web interface with built-in workflows
  • Automatic cloud computing backup every 15 minutes

You’ll have all the advantages – but none of the issues – of having a data center in-house. No worrying about storage space, the cost of setup, licensing, support, etc.

Safety and security
With our cloud computing management you receive multiple redundant storage sites which provide safety for your critical business data from loss and theft due to hackers, unauthorized access and natural disasters.

Increase or decrease your Cleveland company’s capabilities (and storage capacity) whenever you want without having to make capital investments in new hardware.

Service and support
You’ll have access to 24/7 cloud computing management experts who will monitor your systems and provide help when you need it to ensure complete business continuity.

High performance
Our Cloud Computing services offer features such as server virtualization, automatic data backup, and high-level accessibility at prices your small business can afford.

Contact Kloud9IT today to learn more about the advantages of cloud computing services for your Cleveland company.

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