About Us

Kloud9 IT was founded in 2006 beginning as a simple computer repair and consulting company that would ultimately grow into something more. Founder, Trent Milliron is an IT professional with years of experience and a unique perspective on the tech industry. His particular experience motivated him to take an innovative approach to IT, opening Kloud9 to help businesses find tech solutions. As an entrepreneur himself, Trent understands both the tech side and the business side and has put his energy into developing an IT process designed for business owners.

Kloud9 provides 24/7 remote or on-site computer support throughout Ohio and the U.S. with guaranteed uptimes and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Trent’s valuable experience during the Dot-Com era taught him a great deal about what technology can accomplish. This experience also taught him the importance of strategy and the pitfalls of poor planning. Navigating through this historical time in technology evolution, Trent sharpened his skills while developing a strong understanding of the best practices for success. When the dot-com bubble burst, he shifted his focus. Trent took a role working with nonprofits in the Cleveland school system and was surprised to learn something else. He realized that many private and public entities don’t truly understand IT and don’t know what to look for in IT service. This was the basis for Kloud9 IT.

Initially, Trent developed his business plan under a break/fix model. with the idea of helping small businesses and nonprofits that had been burned by bad IT to find better solutions. As the business evolved, it became clear that there was a continuous need for what Trent was offering. Taking a new approach, he turned Kloud9 into a full-featured service that handles all of their clients’ IT needs for a flat monthly rate. In addition, Kloud9 provides fully hosted VoIP phone systems and internet to its clients adding extra value. Today, Kloud9 IT provides an entire fortune 500 IT department for small-to-medium businesses. From simple beginnings to creating a revolution in IT, Trent Milliron and the Kloud9 team are proud of the relationships they have built with clients and look forward to serving new ones.

Our Corporate Mission

At Kloud9 our mission is to provide our clients with fast, friendly, and professional computer support and telephone solutions while maintaining an unsurpassed level of customer service. We create trusted relationships with our customers, employees, and partners. We handle challenges in a professional, competent and timely manner. The communities we serve see us as valuable, contributing members. This focus allows us to build long lasting relationships and remain competitive in the markets we serve. Our customers recommend us to others because they trust that we will deliver on our promise while upholding their good name.

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