Speed up your old iPhone, iPad

Does your iPad regularly crash as you surf the Web? Does your iPhone fight to pull up videos and Web pages? The odds are your device is getting old. And this often means poor performance. There is hope, though. Lifehacker writer Gordon Whitson in a recent feature suggested several tips for owners trying to inject new life into their lethargic iPhone or iPad.

Resist the Updates

Gordon recommends first that if you have an old iPhone or iPad you avoid updating to the latest version of the iOS operating system. There's a reason for this: The new features that come with the latest operating system consume more resources, resources that your old device might not have.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

You might like third-party apps, too. But Whitson again gives some advice: Rely wherever possible on Apple’s own apps. They’re the ones designed to work best with your iPhone or iPad. And if you instead rely on outside apps, you might exacerbate the sluggishness of your device.

Clearing Space

Finally, if your iPhone or iPad is too slow, it’s time to take a close look at the music, videos and apps you have saved on your device. Whitson suggests getting rid of any apps, programs or music files that you seldom access. A bit of pruning on your behalf could inject new life into your sluggish device.

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