Use Vine to Create Short Bite-Sized Videos About Your Brand

Promote Your Biz with a 6-Second Looping Video

If you’ve experienced any videos on the new Twitter platform, Vine, you’ve likely been quite intrigued by them, but perhaps also confused as to exactly how to make use of this new platform. What it takes, is a clear idea of your idea! You’ve got a mere six seconds to present your message, so time is of the essence!

How other businesses are making use of Vine videos

The limitations of the platform have not prevented businesses from creating very impactful videos on Vine. Quite the opposite, the limitations have enabled businesses to craft compelling short messages generally focused on one aspect of their business. The key is to be imaginative and fun! Nobody is seeking an in-depth analysis of anything watching a six-second Vine video: they are generally, while interested in your brand, wanting to see what’s new, fun, and happening now. Many use this platform to roll out new product lines, deliver short messages about the company, customer service videos, human interest and staff messages. Businesses both large and small are finding creative uses for Vines.

Here are a few examples:

Lowes home improvement store has built some incredibly popular Vines sharing quick tips for the home, in their #lowesfixinsix Vine videos.

Bacardi is using short videos to share their favorite drink recipes featuring their rum.

One of their competitors, Malibu Rum, dove right in and created some cool refreshing Vines of their own!

Taco Bell used Vine as an integral piece of the product launch for their Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.

General Electric is using Vine to showcase innovative videos that share science in cool ways.

Clothing retailer The Gap is employing it to tout their products, via a sort of online video catalog.

Let your imagination go wild!

Vine videos can be quite a novel way to introduce new staff, new products, new directions and more. It’s really only limited to your imagination. Obviously, time isn’t a factor! Relax and take a few moments and browse through some Vine videos, and see if this isn’t a platform that your company or small business can utilize!

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