Want to be more efficient? Follow these tips

Is your small business struggling to compete in today’s tough marketplace? Some straightforward technology tips might help. The TechnologySchools.org Web site recently took a quick look at some easy technology moves that can help small business owners operate their companies more efficiently. If you want a competitive edge these days, following these tips could be your smartest move.

Password power

The first tip from TechnologySchools may seem obvious: You must rely on the right passwords to protect your business' computers and the data you store on them. What this means is selecting passwords that you can remember but that hackers won't guess. TechnologySchools states that the strongest passwords are more than eight characters long, include upper- and lowercase letters, and feature numbers and symbols.

Keeping your passwords safe

Of course, using safe passwords won’t help you if you don’t store them properly. A lot of people still write all their passwords on a piece of paper. Others place them on an easy-to-find Word doc. TechnologySchools recommends that you employ a password-storage service such as LastPass or Dashlane. Such services can keep your passwords safe while giving you quick access to them.

A speedier machine

Slow-moving computers can dramatically lower the productivity of your workers. TechnologySchools recommends that you resolve this by giving your computers a monthly maintenance check. Delete any unnecessary programs and eliminate old files. Defragment your hard drive and conduct a registry scan to find any corrupted or damaged files. Then, eliminate these broken files.

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