Not all project-management tools are right for all businesses

Project-management software can certainly help your teams stay on task. With this tool, you are able to clearly organize tasks specific to each team member. When team members complete their tasks, they can quickly check it off your to-do list. But there are a ton of project-management tools around. How can you tell which one is perfect for your business?


Fortunately, in a recent feature story features a convenient list of project-management tools.


The list, included in a review of project-management software Asana by’s Jill Duffy, points out the pluses and minuses with many popular project-management tools now available. Their list is a helpful way to determine which of these tools would be better for your small business.

Your search

The message is simple: Finding the best project-management tool is a critical step in making your small business successful. Don’t sacrifice on the research. And allow tools like’s matrix aid you as you make your decision.Some project-management tools come filled with features that your small business will probably never use. There’s absolutely no reason to pay for these tools. As a worst case, these extras might even distract your staff, preventing them from completing their jobs on time.

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