Yes, IT projects really can help your business grow

If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. That’s why it’s crucial that you stay on the lookout for new ways to grow your small business. There is one area, though, in which small business owners often neglect to look for growth strategies: IT. Yes, you can grow your business’ revenue by investing in IT. Small Business provides a roadmap, listing several IT projects that can help make your business and employees more efficient and productive.

Bring Wi-Fi to your business

A growing number of businesses allow their staff to bring their own personal electronic devices – everything from laptops to tablets – to their cubicles. The thinking driving this movement: When people work on laptops and tablets that they know well, they work more proficiently. But allowing your employees to participate in the bring-your-own-device movement doesn’t mean much if your office isn’t prepared with a reliable Wi-Fi service that allows your workers to access the internet, send e-mail and post to social media sites while at their desks. Make putting in a powerful Wi-Fi network in your office a priority for 2013.

Upgrade to Ultrabooks

Your personnel should be equipped with their own laptops. With these devices they can work from hotel rooms when they're traveling and run presentations when in front of interested potential clients. Nonetheless you need to make sure that your employees are using laptops that are both portable and powerful. That’s where Ultrabooks come in. They’re not overly expensive, however they do load programs and boot up significantly faster than do Netbooks. And they’re much easier to tote around than are traditional laptop computers. Give your employees the tools they need to be successful; invest in new Ultrabooks this year.

No more Windows XP

Do you still have computers that run the Windows XP ? That’s a mistake. As Small Business highlights, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support for this operating system as of early April 2014. The company will no longer distribute regular security updates for the software as of this time. Running Windows XP, then, means that not only will your staff be working on a decade-old operating system, but their computers will also be highly vulnerable to virus attacks. Make the smart move and upgrade to a more recent Windows operating system.

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