Should your meetings be low-tech?

Do laptops and tablets hijack your company meetings? Do employees waste time checking e-messages, tweeting their friends and scanning news headlines as an alternative to paying attention to your strategy to boost profits? Well, you’re far from alone. Technology has ruined many a work meeting.

Going low-tech

Jake Knapp, though, has a solution for you. He’s a design partner with Google Ventures. And in a newly released column for the Medium Web site, Knapp suggests bosses forbid employees from dragging technology into meetings. Bosses that do this will dramatically boost the actual amount of work that gets done during these meetings.

No gadgets

Knapp recommends that employees say goodbye to their laptops, smartphones and tablets before going into a meeting. This makes sure that they give attention to what you’re saying and not a raunchy joke forwarded to them by their best buddy.

An end time

Of course, employers need to make concessions, too. Knapp recommends that bosses set up a timer that everyone in the meeting can see. When the timer goes off, the meeting is over. This holds no matter what.

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