Strained eyes too common an occurrence at work

If you look at your computer all day long as part of your job – as many of us do – then the odds are high that you suffer frequently from eyestrain. Eyestrain isn’t a lasting condition. But it can cause occasional headaches, water eyes, dry eyes, a heightened sensitivity to light and an inability to focus. In other words, it’s not very pleasant. Fortunately, the everon small-business blog recently took a look at eyestrain. What did it find? It’s relatively easy for workers to avoid this condition.

The Secret

Workers hoping to prevent the problems of eye strain need to adhere to the 20/20/20 rule. This rule states that employees should every 20 minutes take a 20-second break. And during this short break, they should focus their eyes on something that stands at least 20 feet away. This forces your eyes to focus on something besides a computer screen. It also provides them a brief workout. The story on everon also suggests that employees can every 20 minutes spend 20 seconds or more walking 20 feet or more, something which will also provide a boost to their mental and physical well-being.


But how will you remember to take these breaks? Fortuitously, everon lists several apps that will help. For instance, there’s Workrave, which sends a message on your screen when it’s time to take your micro-break. Workrave also suggests specific exercises that will help keep your eyes healthy. If you don’t like this app, you can also try EyeLeo, where an animated leopard guides you through short exercises for your eyes. EyeLeo will blank out your computer screen when it’s time to have a break.

A Break for Coffee?

Finally, there’s Coffee Break. This app, available only for Apple products, slowly darkens computer screens. When an employee’s break occurs, the screen will be completely dark. It’s an effective reminder that it’s time for a short eye break. Needless to say, even the niftiest reminder apps can’t force workers to get out of their chairs and turn from their computer screens. It’s up to employees to take care of their eyes.

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