What should smartwatches do?

Are you itching for a smartwatch? If so, you're in luck. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is now available and rumors are swirling that Apple is planning its own iWatch. But what features should a smartwatch boast?


Thomas Claburn, an editor with InformationWeek, has some suggestions. In a recent column, he wrote that smartwatches must be sensitive to their surroundings. This means they need to be able to read the temperature, scan our bodies’ vital signs as well as tell us how far we are from the train station.

Easy to Charge

A smartwatch shouldn’t be a fuss to charge, either, Claburn said. Ideally, smartwatches would charge themselves as we walk throughout our day. If not, we should be able to charge them just by setting them on a charging plate.


Claburn also states that smartwatches shouldn’t break our budgets. Smartwatches should retail for around $99. That’s a lot more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch that retails for an eye popping $299.

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