Why you must learn about your Twitter followers

Having a lot of people following your business’ Twitter page is great. But what’s even better is when these followers are motivated to buy your company’s offerings or recommend your business to others. If you wish to create these active followers, the Web site Small Business Trends provides some advice you'll want to follow.

Active Followers

According to Small Business Trends, business owners need to learn as much as possible with regards to their Twitter followers. They are able to do this by using software that analyzes their followers, software such as KnowYourFollowers, BirdSong, SoDash and SalesForce Marketing Cloud.

What You’ll Learn

This software analyzes your Twitter followers to provide you with tons of valuable information: They can tell you where your followers live, where they work, what other Twitter accounts they follow as well as how old they are. Knowing this information can help you create a Twitter account that more accurately addresses their wants and needs.

Why You Want To Know

If you know a little more about your followers, you are able to tailor your Twitter account to better serve their desires. This allows you to post messages and offers that your followers will be more likely to reply to. Which, of course, is the end goal of social media advertising.

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