iPhone or iPad slow? Take these steps

Does your iPad regularly crash as you surf the Web? Does your iPhone battle to pull up videos and Web pages? The chances are your device is getting old. And this often means slow performance. There is hope, though. Lifehacker writer Gordon Whitson in a recent feature presented several tips for owners seeking to inject new life into their lethargic iPhone or iPad.

No Updates

We understand that you want to keep your iPad or iPhone up-to-date. But Gordon in his Lifehacker story states that the owners of older devices should resist the lure of Apple updates. The reason? Those new versions of iOS or those latest upgrades can prove too powerful for older devices. And they could make those older devices run even slower.

No Third-Party Apps

The more you trust in Apple's own apps -- say, by using Safari as opposed to Firefox to surf the Web -- the faster your phone or iPad will function. Apple's own apps are made to run faster on your iPad and iPhone.

Clearing Space

Your iPhone or iPad may simply have way too many programs stored on it. Gordon recommends uninstalling any apps that you never use. You can also remove music or videos that you no longer access.

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