System Lens can bring the speed back to your Mac

It seems like so long ago, but there was a time when your Mac was fast. These days, though, using your favorite computer is a sloth. Your Mac has slowed down with age. A part of the problem may be the apps you’ve downloaded to it. Thankfully, writer Matt Elliott with CNET has a solution: It’s time for you to download System Lens, an app that lists the apps running on your device and the amount of resources they are consuming.


Knowing what's running is significant because apps can easily become resource hogs. Users today are increasingly loading up their Macs with apps. It's not surprising; a great number of apps can make users more productive. Others are fun. But too many apps can change a quick Mac into a lethargic lump.

The power of System Lens

System Lens helps users pinpoint those apps that are consuming more than their share of a Mac's resources. The app gives all of a users' currently running apps a rating: low, medium or high. System Lens also shows users how stressed their Mac is in general. If System Lens shows three bars, that means a machine is overloaded.

Decision time

What will happen next is up to you. You can opt to close or erase a few of the apps consuming the largest amount of resources on your Mac. Doing so might provide an unexpected, and pleasant, boost to your Mac’s speed.

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