Don’t put yourself at risk. Take advantage of Microsoft’s two-step verification

Want to safeguard your online accounts from hackers? Try two-step verification. Under this type of system, you first log onto your accounts with a traditional password. But that’s just the first step. You also need to enter a passcode or other form of identification to complete the log-on process. And the good news? Microsoft has introduced two-step verification for its accounts. And, as writer Ed Rhee writes in a recent column for CNET, computer users who want to protect themselves from hackers should sign up for it.

Roll out

Rhee writes that Microsoft rolled out is two-step verification system on April 17. If you enable Microsoft's two-step verification you'll first need to enter your password to log onto your Microsoft accounts. Next, you will need to enter a security code. Only then will you complete the log on process.

The code

To obtain your personal security code, you tell Microsoft to either e-mail it to you or send you the code on your mobile device. You can also use a Microsoft app to retrieve a security code. After you have the code, you enter it, to complete the log-in process.

Why two-step?

It’s true that two-step verification takes more time. But it’s relatively easy for the savviest of hackers to crack passwords. Accounts protected only by passwords, then, are far too vulnerable. Adding a security code means that most hackers will ignore your accounts and go after those that are more exposed.

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