Why this portable hard drive is your best bet

There are lots of portable hard drives on the market. But which hard drive meets your needs? Seamus Bellamy, a writer for The Wirecutter, has a recommendation: Western Digital's 2TB My Passport Ultra. In a recent review Bellamy stated that this portable hard drive has all the things a computer user could want.

Powerful and still affordable

What makes this particular portable hard drive so impressive? Bellamy points first to the price: At $150, the hard drive is reasonable. And it offers what Bellamy calls the right combination of speed, storage space and reliability at this price point.

Storage space

Bellamy also raves about the My Passport Ultra’s storage space. According to Bellamy’s review, the device offers as much storage as you can get in a portable hard drive. You may not need all of that storage now. But, as Bellamy writes, having it available will prevent a future case of buyer’s remorse.


What else does a top-ranked portable hard drive need? Speed. And, as Bellamy writes, the My Passport Ultra is as fast of a portable hard drive as there is currently available. If Bellamy is to be believed, you’ll be very impressed once you plug this hard drive into your computer.

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