Windows XP refuses to die

April 8, 2014, is a big -- well, bad -- day for fans of Microsoft Windows XP. That's when Microsoft will end support for that operating system. Microsoft is reminding users of this, wishing that they'll upgrade to a newer version of Windows. But as InformationWeek writer Kevin Casey says in a recent story, many business owners aren't willing to ditch this system.

Why the love?

There's a reason for the widespread love of XP. The system works well, is easy to use and isn't plagued by bugs. It's why, as the InformationWeek story says, it's still in use by about 37 percent of existing PCs.

No Change?

Microsoft XP is now three versions of Windows old. It's no real shock that Microsoft is ending support for XP. The company is wanting users to upgrade to Windows 7 or the much-maligned Windows 8.

Your Decision

Will your business make an upgrade? That depends on how comfortable you and your workers are with Windows XP. If the upcoming lack of support from Microsoft, though, motivates you to make a change, opt for Windows 7. It's a smooth operating system, too, and has received far less negative press than has Windows 8.

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