Is there really such a thing as a better smartphone?

You want to be a smart consumer. You're willing to research before buying your next smartphone. Here's a thought, though, not everybody believes that this research is required. Jesus Diaz, a writer for the lifehacker Web site, is one of them. He says that today's smartphones are so alike it doesn't matter which one you purchase for yourself.


In Diaz's observation, today's smartphones are virtual clones. They're all so similar, you'd be satisfied with any one you buy. So there's absolutely no reason to spend long hours researching numerous phones. Just get one within your budget.

The Similarities

Diaz says that all of today's smartphones offer most of the same features: They let you browse the Internet, send e-mail messages, download apps, play music and watch movies. Most apps are available for all smartphone platforms.

Maybe Not?

But not everyone at lifehacker agrees with Diaz. Those who disagree suggest that certain smartphones incorporate better cameras and more robust batteries. And, despite what Diaz says, not every app is offered for every platform. Windows Phone users, for example, have a more limited app selection. Who's right? You'll need to decide that one for yourself.

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