There’s no reason to pay for desktop wallpapers

Sick of your desktop wallpaper? Well, we have good news for you. The lifehacker Web site recently shared some great online sources for free desktop wallpaper. Now there isn't any reason to stare at a boring computer screen during your downtime.

Desktop Wallpaper Project

Want to adorn your screen with original art? Head over to the The Fox is Black blog every Wednesday. There you'll find the Desktop Wallpaper Project, showcasing desktop wallpapers designed by actual artists.

Dual Monitor Backgrounds

The writers at lifehacker also recommended the Dual Monitor Project, only for users who choose to work with more than one monitor on at the same time. The Dual Monitor Project, as its name suggests, designs wallpapers that are meant to be viewed together on more than one monitor.

Social Wallpapering

Another intriguing site mentioned by lifehacker is Social Wallpapering. Here, users submit free wallpapers. Other users then vote these designs up or down. It's an excellent way to find wallpapers for which other people have already vouched.

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