Solving the most common printer problems

We all want to give our printers a good kick from time to time. How many times do you hit the “print” button only to watch as your printer sits quietly, ruining your mood and your productivity? Fortunately, PCMag writer Tony Hoffman understands your pain. He recently wrote a feature story highlighting some of the most common problems and fixes for your printer problems.

It’s Not Doing Anything

If your printer isn’t printing, Hoffman recommends first that you start with the obvious: Be sure that your printer is both attached to a power source and plugged into your computer. If it is, the printer driver installed on your computer could be corrupted. In case it is, reinstall it.

Low-Ink Warnings

Ink-shortage warnings are often confusing. Your computer says you’re out of printer ink, but your documents are printing just fine. Hoffman says don't worry: Printer-ink warnings are notoriously inaccurate. Hoffman says to keep printing until you notice a decline in quality.


Wi-Fi printing is convenient, but not if your computer and printer are communicating slowly. This can make your print jobs frustratingly slow. Hoffman recommends that you put your printer as close to your router as possible. Also, ensure that your router is powerful enough to take care of Wi-Fi printing at a high speed.

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