Is the Xbox One an essential business tool?

The new Xbox One will be a state-of-the-art video game system perfect for amazing graphics and fluid gameplay. But how about using it for business? A recent story by PC World writer Christopher Null states that Microsoft is in fact pitching the Xbox One as a great tool for businesses.

A Business Tool?

Null writes that Microsoft officials weren’t joking when they posted on the company’s blog that the Xbox One is a perfectly justifiable expense for businesses. The machine costs $499, so what, exactly, can it do for businesses?

The Tools

Here’s Microsoft’s argument: Businesses can use the Xbox One to hold video conferences through Skype. And they can also use the system’s SkyDrive support to store presentations on the machine.

Too Costly?

Of course, businesses can use Skype, SkyDrive and other services through other devices. So does it make sense to plunk down nearly $500 for an Xbox One? Maybe that will depend on how many of your employees are big video-game junkies.

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