The PC isn’t dead yet

You may think the PC era is just about over if you believe everything you read in the tech media. Indeed, the sales numbers for tablets are soaring. The numbers for PCs aren’t nearly as impressive. But ITworld in a recent story made a convincing case against the naysayers. The PC isn’t dead, ITworld argued. In reality, it’s doing well.

Bad Signs?

Those predicting the end of the PC era point to HP’s decision to leave the industry as evidence that the PC is on its deathbed. Others quote Steve Jobs who before his death likened PCs to trucks: We needed trucks when we lived a rural lifestyle. But now that more people live in cities, trucks aren’t as important.

Flawed argument?

ITworld, though, has produced a solid counterargument. First, it highlights that the Ford F150 Pickup is always the top-selling vehicle in the United States. That, of course, is a truck. And the reason? People need trucks to work.

PCs and Work

And, ITworld argues, people need PCs to work. You can’t type reports on tablets. You’ll find it difficult to create spreadsheets or slideshows, too. You’ll need a PC for that. And as long as people in this country continue to work, ITworld says, they’ll continue to need PCs.

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