Is Office Mobile a good buy?

Should you invest $100 each year — what it will cost to get a required subscription — to get Microsoft’s Office Mobile on your iPhone? The short answer? No, you should not. For an extended answer, you can check out Jill Duffy’s recent report on the app at

Not free

Duffy’s biggest problem with Office Mobile is its cost. To gain access to the app, you need to take out at minimum a $99 yearly subscription to Microsoft Office 365. For Duffy, this is a bit of a rip-off: There a variety of free options for most of the tasks that Office performs.

Not the only game in town

Office Mobile is certainly not the only program that will let you edit reports, view spreadsheets and create documents on your iPhone. There are lots of alternatives out there that are free. And Duffy recommends that users, rather than spending nearly $100 a year, make use of a collection of these free options to handle their office-task needs.


Yes, this can require research and trial-and-error testing from you. But isn’t shaving a $100 expense each year from your budget worth this effort?

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