Digg Reader an effective replacement for Google Reader

Do you still grieve the death of popular RSS reader Google Reader? You’re not alone. Google’s reader was a hit among fans. Jill Duffy, a writer with PCMag, says that there’s a worthy successor out there, one that ought to end all the mourning for Google Reader.

A worthy successor

Digg, a community news voting site, looked like a strange choice to develop its own RSS reader. Nevertheless the company did just that, debuting Digg Reader just before Google Reader vanished. And like Google Reader before it, the new Digg Reader is a free online RSS reader that makes reading RSS feeds an enjoyably simple task.


Simplicity matters with regards to RSS readers. And Digg Reader comes through by putting news feeds, settings and special features where they make the most sense, Duffy said. And that’s reason for Google Reader fans to celebrate.

For business owners

Furthermore, Digg Reader gives business owners the chance to efficiently keep updated on the news that impacts their companies. For this reason, the new reader ought to be celebrated.

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