iPad apps designed to ease the stress of writing for a living

Are you a professional writer, a person that pays the mortgage each month thanks to the stories you turn in to newspapers, magazines and Web sites? Perhaps you’re a fiction writer who’s published in journals, literary magazines and consumer publications across the globe. If so, you’re a serious writer. If you also happen to own an iPad, we’ve got some good news for you: There are many amazing apps out there specifically for iPad owners that are also professional writers. Here’s a look at several of the best.

Paper by FiftyThree

Just getting started with your novel, short story or non-fiction piece? Consider Paper. This amazing app enables you to jot down your ideas as anything from sketches and illustrations to notes, drawings or diagrams.

iA Writer

Information Architects’ iA Writer forces writers to concentrate on one thing, writing. That’s because iA Writer deliberately doesn’t allow users to mess with fonts, colors or any other distractions. With this program, you’re able to do one thing: create and edit plain text files on your iPad.

Google Drive

Need to store your video, music, photo and text files in one place? Try Google Drive. This app, developed by Google, gives you 5GB worth of storage for free.


You’ve probably heard of Evernote. That’s because the application is one of the most beloved note-taking apps available to iPad users. You can use Evernote to take notes, capture photos, create to-do list as well as record voice reminders. You can then store these notes and search them.


iThoughtsHD by CMS allows you to easily organize your thoughts visually. Exactly what does this mean? With this program you can create brainstorming and task lists. You can undertake project planning and goal setting. You can even create detailed meeting notes. In other words, it’s an essential tool for anyone planning a story or article.


The people behind Evernote have also created Penultimate, a nifty app that enables users to jot handwritten notes directly to their iPads. Users can take notes, draw sketches and create quick outlines with Penultimate.


Good.iWare’s GoodReader is the most powerful PDF reader for the iPad. With GoodReader, you can read virtually any document imaginable on your iPad. This holds true for everything from books, movies and maps to pictures and PDF files.

Index Card

Looking for somewhere to stick all of your plot summaries, outlines, character descriptions and deadline dates? Index Card is a good choice. This app creates a virtual corkboard on your iPad, and lets you pin notes directly to it.


Notably is really a powerful note-taking app for the iPad. But what truly sets it apart is the way it functions with well known cloud storage app Dropbox. Every time you add a note, plot summary or assignment deadline to Notably, your modifications will automatically sync with Dropbox.

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