The Mobile e-mail App We’ve Been Waiting For

Here’s a simple truth: Most everyone who has a smartphone uses it to read and send e-mail messages. But no one seems to like their mobile e-mail applications. Tech company Orchestra, though, hopes to change this. The company recently introduced Mailbox, its new e-mail client for your iPhone. The app is receiving positive reviews.


Tech writers have been raving about Mailbox for iPhone for one main reason: You can tell that it was designed specifically for a smart phone. This represents a big difference from most mobile e-mail programs. Too many of them operate as though they were intended for desktop and laptop computers then ported, with few changes, to mobile platforms. Mailbox for iPhone doesn’t feel as if it was designed this way. This is because to delete messages, archive them, save them for a later date or respond to them, you employ the swiping motion so common to today’s smart phones and other mobile computing devices. This simple improvement gives Mailbox for iPhone an advantage over its rivals.


Another problem with most mobile e-mail programs is that messages when they open are simply too large. There is too much information displayed for the size of a typical smart phone screen. Mailbox for iPhone, though, avoids this error. When originally showing messages, Mailbox only displays the most important parts. Signatures, for instances, will not be visible, removing most of the clutter associated with standard mobile e-mail programs. Once you tap an e-mail message, though, it’s going to open into an expanded state, showing signatures and the “To” and “From” fields. Positive reviews have observed that sending an e-mail message from Mailbox for your iPhone feels more like Tweeting. This is ideal for today’s smart phone users. Finally, Mailbox earns kudos for the texting feel of their application. Users don’t see traditional e-mail messages when they open messages. Instead, their screens will display smaller chat bubbles. Again, this is a nice feature for mobile users that are at ease with texting.

To Do

You can even use Mailbox for your iPhone like a sort of e-mail to-do list. Here’s how this feature works: After looking at a new message, place a time stamp on it. This time stamp controls when the message reappears in your inbox. For instance, should you get a message that has a very low priority, you can place a time stamp that puts the message back in your inbox in a month. If you want to reply to the message quickly? Mailbox can schedule it to reappear in your inbox the next day. The new iPhone version of Mailbox is surely worth a look. You may discover that it’s the mobile e-mail app that you’ve been seeking.

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