Why Hardware as a Service Is an Untapped Opportunity for MSPs

Why Hardware as a Service Is an Untapped Opportunity for MSPs

During the Covid19 pandemic, many individuals and organizations saw the need to move their businesses to wireless working structures. They developed new properties, strategies, and functions for more acceptability and adaptability to their services to suit exceptional conditions. Since businesses considered this shift, Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, is now on the rise as one of the most profitable merchandise over the past few months.

Also known as a pay-as-you-go model, Hardware as a service is a structure that allows customers to subscribe monthly to their managed service providers. The IT service providers can charge for software, Hardware, software, and IT-managed service packages. HaaS is common amongst MSPs as they can offer full services to employees and allow them to work from the comfort of their homes. Here is why: Hardware as a Service has a chance with MSPs.

How Can MSPs Benefit From HaaS?

How Can MSPs Benefit From HaaS

1. HaaS Guarantees Future Hopes

Forecasters estimate that before 2027, the international Hardware as a service market will have funding up to £218 billion. This means that they believe the existence of this IT service model to remain for that long and improve with each passing year. Even with the increasing need from customers and the special monetary rewards, most managed power services are still in doubt, and those not willing to go on board with HaaS will not join the train.

2. Strengthening Customer Relationships

Strengthening Customer Relationships

Many small and medium-sized businesses are trying to overcome financial problems because of the pandemic influence. Other people are already changing recovery strategies and using options that will allow them access to oversee their budgets as they tentatively look forward to expanding. Budgets as they cautiously look to expand.

3. Customers Can Manage Their Upfront Cost

One of the primary benefits of a monthly payment service like HaaS is that customers can avoid the high upfront cost of Hardware and the additional cost of servicing and licensing fees. The subscription-style plan means businesses can monitor and forecast their outgoings monthly, allowing them to balance their budgets more effectively.

4. Customer's Needs Are Revealed

By providing Hardware as a service to people, Managed power services can show logical understanding to their customers and assure them about their wants and needs. HaaS checks if customers can adapt to managed service offerings as they do their best to offer top-notch services to them. Indeed SMBs need HaaS service, and if their MSP fails to provide the service, it would be best for them to locate another service provider that can offer HaaS functions.

5. Customers Can Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Services

From the way HaaS runs, this service allows MSPs to supply customers with quality products and an on-point customer support system. In the previous year, MSPs faced a huge customer challenge in loyalty. Therefore, if there were any product challenges, a managed service provider was made to carry out an expensive and time-constraining task to help solve the problem. Most customers felt frustrated by this process.

Fortunately, HaaS solutions have sprung up as an amazing cloud-based service. Therefore, MSPs can offer more proactive services to customers, monitor problems, and solve them remotely and on time, without the customer noticing a flaw. Since HaaS has become a more reliable solution for managed services, about 47% of enterprises that utilize HaaS services say that the excellent IT service model has improved and simplified diagnosis and is supported by their MSPs.

6. HaaS Offers Business Rewards for MSPs

While HaaS services make it easy for end users to harmonize their budgets and obtain a better simplified and cohesive action or service, the structure also empowers MSPs to improve their gains. In a common managed service provider-customer support relationship, a business will adopt an annual IT network discussion with the company's managed service provider with a strategized budget or plan. This makes it challenging for MSPs to improve advanced technologies and features.

With HaaS subscription terms, managed service providers can buy the idea of an easier upselling option due to low subscription demand. They can accept spread-out long-term payments or deals that align with HaaS models. Customers will only pay an extra monthly in exchange for incentives like gaining access to more premium services. Everyone wins because small and medium size businesses have a chance to pay manageable amounts to access high-quality services, while MSPs are free to process bigger revenues in the long run.

How Can MSPs Support IT Service During Profit Increase?

There are three main ways MSPs can support the profits of IT services as follows:

1. Direct the Cost of Power-related Issues

Power challenges that cause problems could be better for MSPs and customers. This is a bigger challenge if important tools, such as UPSs kept in unfavorable operating states, fail to work, especially due to intense temperatures. The lifespan of such devices is often short.

2. Addresses the Best Business Solutions

MSPs and drives the right solutions even in an unknown environment. In an uncontrolled or constantly changing work era, the main purpose for MSPs and clients' technological role is to strategize for disaster with needless repetition and to prepare against every failure. With this, service providers must include a stronger power drive for critical missions and determine uptime tools.

3. Control Income Opportunities Using Dispatch Solutions

Distributed end sites are never included in unintended functions or the cost of equipment components. This is due to locations, especially remote locations, as the cost of paying an IT support individual to carry out emergency maintenance or repair might escalate. If the work environment keeps changing, a special value-add software appealing to customers and MSPs might be an on-site UPS service that helps reduce interference in business.


Hardware as a service is the current leverage for MSPs and other services. Managed service providers can serve their customers better through HaaS as they offer future hopes, strengthen customer relationships, offer incentives, and help in upfront management. On the other hand, MSPs support IT services in maximizing profits.

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