Vine – A Terrific Way to Create Short Sharable Videos for Your Business

Thought about Using Vine for Short, Sharable Videos?

Ever thought of using Vine for short, sharable videos for your business? If not, you definitely should. Making these videos is probably already within both your skill set and technology, as many are simply using their smartphones and posting these by the boatload.

So what is Vine?

So, just in case you’ve not yet delved into what exactly Vine is and just what it can do for you, here’s the short version: Vine is a video sharing platform on Twitter that allows you to create and upload 6-second videos to Twitter. So what good is a 6-second video, you ask? Well, a lot of good! Check out how a few companies are using Vine videos to further their brand, promote their goods, and otherwise promote their business: RedVines, Urban Outfitters and Nintendo.

These companies get it. They understand what this service, which is trending off the charts at the moment, can do for them. People are less willing to read, so a 6-second video is an answer to prayer for a lot of of them. And, you’d be very surprised at some of the things people are accomplishing with this briefest of time frames. According to, businesses are using them to introduce new employees, announce events, give an insider’s look into the business, and even creating short commercials to display their latest product or service. offers even more innovative options to use Vine. Some of these include:

  • Recording customer testimonials
  • Recording short introductions from the company principals
  • Real estate professionals are using Vine to give a (quick) virtual tour of new listings
  • Restaurants are broadcasting daily specials. Picture a scrumptious plate overlaid with the link, “Click to Smell”, which takes them to the reservation desk. Lots of possibilities here!
  • Businesses are using Vine to display stunning after and before pictures

The possibilities are practically endless, and this is something that can be carried out rapidly and make a difference in as little as a day. Have a look at Vine today!

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