Airplane laptop user? Protect your back

Using a laptop while you are on an airplane is far from ideal. But from time to time you can’t get out of it it; work has to be done. But you don’t need to suffer a back ache after your plane lands. The Lifehacker Web site provides a quick tip for easing your back strain.

A sound investment

The Lifehacker Web site recently presented a key tip for alleviating back strain while computing in the air: Avoid hunching. That sounds basic, but it’s often difficult to not hunch when you’re working while traveling by air.


To solve the hunching problem? Lifehacker recommends that you purchase an low-priced laptop stand. You can get these for $20 or less, and they’ll angle your computer so that you can sit back and work in a neutral position that avoids both neck and back strain.


But what do you do if you don't have a stand? Lifehacker recommends as a last resort rolling up one of those Skymall catalogs and using it as a make shift stand.

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