A slow connection doesn’t have to ruin your vacation

We all need a vacation. Occasionally, though, we must drag out the laptop and do a bit of work during these vacations. But hotels, resorts and vacation villas can be notorious for sluggish Internet connections, which can make it tough to get your work finished. Fortunately, the Lifehacker Web site recently provided some suggestions for dealing with slow Web connections.

Apps, plug-ins

You might be surprised at the amount of bandwidth certain apps and plug-ins use. If you disable these bandwidth-sucking files, you may well be equally amazed at the boost in your online speed. Lifehacker recommends using programs such as AdBlock Plus and FlashBlock.&nbsp. These clever programs will keep bandwidth-sucking videos and ads from slowing you down.


When you’re experiencing a slow Internet connection, it’s time to change your surfing habits. Visit the mobile versions of Web sites. Disable all images. And don't try to watch streaming video or download TV shows or movies.

Be smart

You can work smart, too, to avoid Internet hang-ups. Maybe a few of the jobs you have to complete need low bandwidth, for example sending e-mail messages or saving reports to Google Docs. Finish this work when your Internet is at its slowest. Save the high-bandwidth work - such as Photoshop editing - to those few moments when your Internet speed is sizzling.

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