Sharing screens on a tablet no longer a hassle

Think you can’t use your tablet computer to share screens with your co-workers? Think again. There are plenty of apps you can get today than enable you to share your reports, images, documents and videos with co-workers and friends. Using these screen-sharing apps, you won’t even miss that heavier laptop computer. Whatever screen sharing it can do, your tablet is now able to do, too. But which screen-sharing apps for iOS should you download? Miguel Leiva-Gomez, a writer for the tech site smallbiz technology, recommends three that should handle all of your screen-sharing needs.

Leiva-Gomez has high praise for, a Web service providing you with collaborative screen sharing for a variety of platforms. To use the iOS app, though, users will need to pay up for the program's "pro" version, one that carries a fee of just under $20 a month. The application comes with file-sharing, instant chat and Internet calling. Leiva-Gomez refers to this package as one that will satisfy the needs of virtually any user.

Air Sketch

Air Sketch is really a formidable challenger to This app is another that’s easy to use, according to Leiva-Gomez. It will also transform your tablet into a amazingly effective whiteboard that comes with five different drawing tools. You're able to use Air Sketch to display documents, images, videos and presentations in real time, creating a stylish and simple collaborative workspace.

Conference Pad

Conference Pad is a simple but effective screen-sharing program, one that Leiva-Gomez gives high marks. Users can open and present PDFs and documents with simply a few taps. The application also provides some awesome zooming features, allowing users to zoom without sacrificing any image quality.

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