Utilizing the New Facebook Graph Search

How To Leverage Facebook Graph Search at Your Business

The latest in a never-ending stream of Facebook rollouts is now with us, and it’s called Facebook Graph Search. This is Facebook’s newest entry in the search game, and it looks like they’ve genuinely found a new and different vein. Still in Beta, Facebook Graph Search might not yet be accessible for you, (still limited to the US, and there’s a waiting list) but it is scheduled to rollout this summer. So now is the time to start to understand how this can help your business.

So what exactly is Facebook Graph search?

Facebook Graph Search is a search model where Facebook moves their search results from a model based on keywords, to one where it can use arguably its most valuable asset, the social data of all its users. You see results determined by what your social spheres like, and view. For example, your search will return with people who share your interests, websites, photos and videos they’ve liked or visited, as well as other connections you may share. These results are unique to you, because they are based solely off yours and your friend’s interests.

How can you take advantage of Facebook Graph search in your marketing?

One of the primary benefits here seems to be that Graph Search will reward those people who are making a genuine effort with their social media, engaging and interacting with their fans and followers. Facebook is mum regarding the aspects of the actual search algorithm, but suffice it to say that it will do a lot towards weeding out pages that are wanting to game the system. Fake Likes and fans received from strange locations outside of your common spheres, will be viewed with some skepticism.

If your small business is serious about social media, you are in position to benefit from this, as you will be more visible on Facebook. Some of the basic ways you can prepare for Facebook Graph Search are to:

  • Be sure your business page profile is entirely filled out, so that users can find you.
  • Make sure to engage, not sell your visitors.
  • Be careful of what is posted online, especially on Facebook itself, as this may come back to embarrass your business greatly!

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