Don’t ignore your Facebook “Other” folder

You consider yourself a thoughtful Facebook user, one who normally replies promptly to messages. But what if you’ve missed tons of messages from co-workers, coaches, bosses or friends year after year? Because of Facebook’s “Other” messages folder, you might have.

The hidden “Other”

David Pogue, technology columnist for the New York Times, recently pointed out the strange case of the “Other” folder. Whenever people who aren’t your Facebook friends send you a message, they have a choice: They could either pay $1 or send that message to your Facebook page’s “Other” folder. The majority of people, of course, don’t pay the buck.

Missed messages

The sad thing is, this leads to plenty of lost messages. Most Facebook users have no idea there's an “Other” folder. As a result, they miss hundreds of potentially important messages each year.

Opening the “Other”

Fortunately, finding the “Other” folder is pretty simple. Pogue says to click on your “Messages” link on the left side of your Facebook page. Once you do, you’ll see, shaded grey, the word “Other.” That’s your “Other” folder. Open it. You may be amazed at what you find.

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