Internet trivia for a new year

It's tough to envision a world without the Internet. After all, a lot of us use the Internet today to watch movies, converse with our friends, play games and catch up on current events. But just how much do you actually know about the Internet and exactly how it works? You might be surprised at everything you don't know. The Web site Business Insider recently took an intriguing glance at the world of the Internet, paying particular attention to those little factoids that you ought to but likely have no idea of.

Facebook is King

First, take a more detailed look at Facebook. You already know it's an incredibly useful site to keep up with your friends and family. But are you aware, too, that Facebook is the dominant player in terms of online traffic? As stated by the Business Insider story, and data from Hitwise, Facebook accounts for about one in every five Internet page views. That's impressive. So is the number of members that Facebook reached last year: As per Business Insider, the social media site now boasts greater than 1 billion users.

The Biggest Data Center is Rising in Utah

Do you know the location where largest data center is situated? Soon, it will be Utah. According to Business Insider, the National Security Agency currently is in the process of building a massive data center in the state. As soon as the center is ready for operation, it will eventually store an awesome yottabyte of data. Like most of us, you probably have no clue what a yottabyte is. But the name is certainly impressive. And know this: A yottabyte of data represents a truly large amount of data. A yottabyte is equivalent to 1,000 zettabytes or 1 million exabytes.

Streaming is on the Rise

Business Insider cited Harris Interactive numbers indicating that more than 50 percent of U.S. residents use the Internet to view TV. This is done through streaming video, and the service is becoming especially well-liked by people below the age of 35. Harris Interactive discovered that streaming TV shows from the web -- and viewing them on smartphones, tablets and other devices -- has become the favored way of U.S. residents under 35 to watch TV.

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