The next five years of tech innovation, according to IBM

Five years is a very long time in the technology world. That's why many look forward every year to IBM's predictions on where technology will be in the next five years. Forbes columnist Greg Satell recently wrote a column examining IBM's latest five-year predictions. What'd he discover? Some pretty interesting stuff.

Classrooms get savvier

Satell writes that technology will help U.S. school children get caught up to their peers across the globe. Technology isn't a cure-all, obviously. But Satell writes that it may help educators better teach a larger number of children. The problem now? Some U.S. students receive a top education. Too many others don't. Technology will help change this.

High-tech retailers

IBM predicts, too, that technology will dramatically transform retailers. How big of a change? IBM predicts that one day we'll walk into a store and have our smartphones automatically search the retailer's inventory for the exact shoe or coat we would like. You can then use your smartphone to send a message to a salesperson that will bring you your items. Pretty neat, isn't it?

Medicine gets smarter

IBM predicts big things for medicine, too. As Satell writes, it might just become more personalized. One of many problems with modern medicine is that every patient is different. One pill may very well be perfect for you. It could possibly cause deadly side effects in your neighbor. IBM, though, predicts that within the next five years, doctors will be able to sequence your DNA to determine which medicines will work best for you. They'll also be able to access cloud-based services to tap into the most up-to-date research and clinical information.

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