Technology and the end of traditional hospitals?

Will technology one day make hospitals obsolete? It sounds impossible. But based on a recent report from CBS Atlanta, an international study on technology and health discovered that a majority of people around the world believe that traditional hospitals will become obsolete due to tech advances.


The CBS Atlanta story covers a survey by Intel Corporation. Based on the survey, 57 percent of respondents feel that changing technology could make traditional hospitals obsolete. What will replace these long-time care centers? The Intel survey respondents point to the promise of customized personal care, thanks to improving medical technology.


Survey respondents stated that they are anticipating a day in which mobile and personalized technology helps them keep track of their own health needs. Rather than spend hours in a waiting room or emergency room, patients can instead rely on technology to cover most of their medical needs. Plus here's a surprising result: About 30 percent of respondents stated that they would trust themselves to undertake their own ultrasounds. The study also found that such innovative medical advances such as monitoring devices and ingestible technologies are more warmly welcomed by countries other than the United States.


As CBS Atlanta reported, the survey even found that respondents were more interested in improving healthcare than they were about maintaining their privacy. According to the survey results, 84 percent of respondents stated that they would be happy to provide personal health information if it would guarantee a more efficient and less costly medical system.

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