Tech of the future? Think simplicity

Technology makes our everyday life better. That's undeniable. But it can also add to the stress we face every day. Fortunately, technology will become more consumer friendly in 2014. At least that's what the Christian Science Monitor newspaper predicted in a recent story.


Currently, the volume of technology and data accessible to us is overwhelming. The Monitor story says that the digital universe is doubling in size about every couple of years. It also stated that we have more than 600 million websites now populating cyberspace. And if that's not overwhelming enough, Apple's App store today offers more than 1 million apps for consumers to download.

The power of simple

The great news is that the Monitor story also states that one of the big tech trends in 2014 should be simpler technology. This will be a boon to both workers and consumers. The best tech in the world is useless if people can’t figure out how to use it.

Apple, Google lead the way

The Monitor story also points out that the biggest names in modern tech are already moving toward simplicity. As an example, the story cites Google and Apple. These two tech giants have already won fans because the technology that they run is simple. Let's be honest, what's simpler than a Google search? What's simpler to use than an iPad?

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