Tech is about to get a lot simpler

Technology makes our lives better. That's undeniable. Yet it can also add to the stress and anxiety we face each day. Luckily for us, technology should be a little more consumer friendly in 2014. At least that is what the Christian Science Monitor newspaper projected in a recent story.

Overwhelmed by data?

The Christian Science Monitor story pointed to some frightening facts about the tech overload we all experience. For starters, the story pointed out that the digital universe is doubling in size approximately every two years. Next, the story also reported that we now have more than 600 million websites to surf. Then there's the fact that the App Store today is stuffed with more than 1 million apps.

The power of simple

The best news from the Monitor story is that simplicity is the big tech trend of 2014. Consumers will demand their technology be simpler to use and easier to understand. Indeed, what is the point of having all this tech if you have to be a genius to understand how to use it?

Apple, Google lead the way

The Monitor story also highlights that the biggest names in modern tech are already moving toward simplicity. To illustrate, the story cites Google and Apple. These two tech giants have already won fans because the technology that they run is simple. After all, what's simpler than a Google search? What's simpler to use than an iPad?

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