Why new technology won’t change the world

Whenever a new technology debuts -- whether it's a new solution to connect with family and friends or a way to make cars get better mileage -- we get psyched up. We wonder how this tech can change our lives and the world. Inevitably, though, the same thing happens: This new technology has its niche, but it doesn't alter the world significantly.

Stop the hype

It all comes down to reality vs. hype. The tech website Gizmodo recently covered this trend in an humorous story. Gizmodo ran a chart detailing our expectations for new technology: Will it change our lives? Can it make the whole world a better place? Could it make us dumber? Can it make us more understanding of others? And, as the Gizmodo story says, the answer to these questions is usually an unfortunate "no".


As Gizmodo says, new technologies do have the potential to change the lives of men and women...maybe. But they won't change the whole world, for better or worse. That is probably a good thing. Do we really want the world to change whenever a new technology shows up?

One thing never changes

Of course, there's something that never changes. As the Gizmodo story says, teens makes use of new technology to find trouble and irritate their parents. Just think, after all, of how much trouble teens have gotten into with Facebook and Twitter. That, Gizmodo says, won't ever change, no matter what new technology presents itself.

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