Little surprise that Chromebooks aren’t selling

Does investing in a Chromebook make financial sense? To this point, consumers haven't flocked to the system. And ZDNet writer Larry Seltzer states that there's a valid reason for this: Buying a Chromebook just doesn't make financial sense.


Sales on Chromebooks have been extremely sluggish thus far. Seltzer writes that the real problem with Chromebooks -- and why consumers haven't adopted them -- is that they simply don't do enough to justify the dollars they cost. As Seltzer writes, Chromebooks fail to do what most other laptops can. This is mainly what makes Chromebooks a poor buy.


Seltzer writes that hybrids are a better buy for consumers. These combinations of tablets and laptops -- think Microsoft's Surface line of products -- gives consumers more performance for the money. Seltzer writes that there isn't anything that consumers can do with a Chromebook that they can't presently do on a Windows laptop that's running Chrome. The question then is, why would anyone wish to put money into a Chromebook?


So, just what exactly does a Chromebook do? Seltzer writes that its main purpose is to run the Chrome Web browser. The problem is, almost all other computers can do this, also. So this again begs the question, why would consumers purchase Chromebooks when so many other devices do what they can do plus more.

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