These video games feel too much like work

Don’t we all work long enough hours? Then how come so many of us get home from the office and then play video games that seem so much like work? PCWorld recently explored this phenomenon, putting together a list of the popular video games that feel a lot like work.


No argument here that running a city isn’t hard work. And thanks to the classic SimCity video game, you, too, can experience the frustrations and long hours of running a metropolis. And you won’t even have to run for mayor to do it. As PCWorld says, succeeding in SimCity takes long hours. You need to plan housing developments, open shopping centers, lay roads and collect taxes. While you’re doing this? The residents of your city will most likely hate you.

A war game that feels like the office

They say war is hell. But when it comes to the video game World of Warcraft, it’s hard work, too. Do you really like to follow orders? Do you like completing menial tasks for typically small rewards? Then World of Warcraft is the game for you.

When real life’s not stressful enough

You may not have heard of Cart Life. However, if you live a real life, you'll instantly understand it. As PCWorld describes it, your goal in Cart Life is to make it through the day, whether you're playing as a baker, single mother barista or newsstand operator. You have to make enough money for rent, transportation and food, all while juggling your day-to-day responsibilities. Sound like fun?

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