Here’s how to get the most out of iOS7

Apple's new operating system -- iOS7 -- launched in September for iPads and iPhones. The leading features of this operating system have since been covered at length. Entrepreneur magazine recently showcased a few of the smaller tips and tricks which will make using this system much more satisfying.

More powerful texting

Sometimes you don’t just need to read a text message. Sometimes you want to know exactly when that text message got there. Using the new mobile version of iOS7, this can be done easily. As the Entrepreneur story reveals, you simply need to swipe your finger from right to left on your device’s text screen. That will bring up the exact time at which your friends, family members and co-workers sent you their text message.

More than a compass

iOS7’s compass app is a particularly handy tool if you’re not sure if you’re driving north or south. But Entrepreneur highlights an additional use of this app: You can also transform it into a leveling device. Once your compass app is open, swipe to the next page. A leveling app will appear. And, yes, you can use it to make sure that bathroom shelf you are hanging is actually level.

Better search

Apple's Search feature is different. For starters, as Entrepreneur notes, the company now calls it "Spotlight." Secondly, to open it simply swipe down in the middle of your home screen. This'll bring up a search -- or "spotlight" -- box. You can search for anything from texts and e-mail messages to apps, songs and contacts.

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