Gaining a tech boost is an easy job

Want your small business to function as efficiently as it can? Then you've got to use technology equally as efficiently. Fortunately, the Web site has a lot of advice on how small business owners can make use of technology to boost their sales.

Password power

We all know by now not to use words like “password” or number strings like “1234” for passwords. But TechnologySchools offers more tips for business owners that really want to generate the right passwords for their computers. First, you need to pick a pass that’s hard for hackers to guess but easy for you to remember. Make sure you include both lower and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers to create a difficult crack for even the savviest hacker. And make sure your password that is at least eight characters long.

Protecting your passwords

Of course, creating safe passwords won’t help you if you don’t store them properly. Too many people still write all their passwords on a slip of paper. Others store them on an easy-to-find Word doc. TechnologySchools recommends that you use a password-storage service such as LastPass or Dashlane. Such services keep your passwords safe while giving you easy access to them.

A speedier machine

Is your older computer getting slower? TechnologySchools offers some advice on how to provide it a speed boost. The site suggests that every month you delete old files, eliminate unneeded programs and defragment your hard drive. Finally, you should each month execute a registry scan to uncover and erase corrupted or damaged files.

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