Apple still tops when it comes to innovation

Apple’s critics have been hard on the company lately, criticizing it for failing to introduce any innovative products since the death of founder Steve Jobs. But a recent feature story by Entrepreneur provides evidence that the criticism might be misplaced. As stated by the story, Boston Consulting Group recently ranked Apple first on its annual list of the most innovative companies. This is the ninth straight year that Apple has attained this honor.

A competitive world?

According to Entrepreneur, Apple's biggest rival today, Samsung, came in number two on the list. Another tech giant, Google, fell from second in 2012 to third this year. Samsung's position is all the more impressive considering that it ranked just 26th in last year's survey by Boston Consulting Group.

Tech rules

Tech companies, not surprisingly, dominate the list. In addition to Apple, Samsung and Google, other tech giants on the list include Microsoft, in fourth place; IBM, in sixth place; Amazon, in seventh; and Sony, in 11th.

Innovation matters

It’s difficult to foresee what the future holds for Apple. The loss of Jobs is a big one. But if Boston Consulting’s list is any indication, it appears that Apple’s critics may be incorrect in assuming that the company’s days of innovation are gone.

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