A quick primer on iOS7 tricks

You almost certainly know by now that Apple has introduced its latest operating system for iPads and iPhones, iOS7. The mainstream technology press has fully covered the new mobile operating system. But there are still plenty of tricks they didn't bring up. These tricks, as a recent story highlighting them by Entrepreneur reveals, could make Apple’s operating system more enjoyable to use.

More powerful texting

You receive dozens of text messages each day. It's not easy to keep track of them. But iOS7 provides you with an easy way to determine when any text message was sent. The trick? When the text message you want more information about is on the screen, simple swipe from right to left. This will retrieve the actual time at which your text messages were posted.

Not just a compass

iOS7’s compass app is a pretty neat tool, especially if you have no idea whether you’re heading west or east. But do you know that you can transform the compass into a leveling tool? Entrepreneur does. Just open your compass app and swipe to the very next screen. This will bring up a leveling tool, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to determine if that shelf you're hanging is really level.

Better search

Apple's Search feature has changed. To begin with, as Entrepreneur notes, the company now calls it "Spotlight." Next, to open it you just need to swipe down in the middle of your home screen. This'll bring up a search -- or "spotlight" -- box. You can search for anything from texts and e-mail messages to apps, songs and contacts.

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