The quality vs. quantity debate

Your business has two main avenues to profit: You can focus on quantity, producing the highest possible number of goods and services. Or you can concentrate on quality, creating the best products or services in your market. ITWorld writer Matthew Mombrea focuses on this tug-of-war in a recent ITWorld column.

When Quality Matters

In his column, Mombrea argues that those businesses whose products or services need to be high-quality should focus their efforts on making the very best products they are able to, even if it means making fewer of these products. There's a reward for this, Mombrea writes.

Dissatisfied Consumers

This is because consumers are sick and tired of paying high prices for inferior services or products, Mombrea says. They rightly believe that quality is at a low in comparison to prices today.

Your Task

Businesses, then, that focus on quality over quantity will be more likely to win loyal consumers, Mombrea writes. In a world in which quality is in unfortunately low supply, companies can set themselves apart by providing the highest-quality products and services available.

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