Google Glasses: Hands-Free Connectivity

We have moved into the age of on the go computing. But Google wants to take it a step further. You might have heard about their Project Glass initiative, which many people call Google glasses. These look like futuristic sci-fi glasses, and take being constantly connected to the next level.

A Computer Above Your Eyes

These augmented reality glasses let people chat with friends, share images, take notes and more all without using their hands. The actions you would like to take, whether to chat with friends or get directions, all display before your eyes.

A Stream of Useful Information

Google glasses are created to work with voice commands. If you’re using the glasses, you can call for your city’s public transit schedule. Your Google glasses would then call up your local bus or train schedule. Or maybe you are looking for the new French restaurant in town. You can tell your Google glasses to find it, and when you do, the glasses will provide you with a map and detailed directions.

This video, created by Google, shows what this may look like. The video highlights one intriguing feature about Google Glasses, if something hinders your plans you can change gears without having to be too put out. For example, the man in the video attempts to take the subway and his glasses inform him that the subway has been suspended; they then map out walking directions for him. It’s like having a personal assistant that is one step ahead of you.

An Unobtrusive Technology?

One of the potential issues that has been raised about Project Glass is that the information may become a hindrance. Google has said that only information users want will be displayed, and this could be more helpful than a hindrance. For instance, wouldn’t it be great to just say, “take a picture” and your glasses carry out the command without you fumbling for your camera?

There are already those who think that these glasses will be used for advertisements. A few spoof videos have been made and posted on YouTube that demonstrate this idea. While it’s not clear what will be projected into your field of vision with Project Glass, what is clear is that Google’s latest initiative holds infinite potential.

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