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Gmail, Google’s email system, is steadily growing in popularity. This is not a surprise; Google hasn’t developed too many products that prove unpopular with consumers. But are you using Gmail to its fullest potential? Below you’ll discover some tricks to help you organize your inbox.

Label your messages: Labeling your emails is an easy way to keep your inbox tidy. This feature permits you to add brightly colored labels for particular people or certain topics. For example, you can create an “Urgent” label and apply it to messages that you need to take care of right away. Or, if you get a lot of email from your friends that you want to read later, you can create a blue label entitled “friends.” This will allow you to scan your inbox and more quickly address the messages you need to.

Free up space with archiving: Do you like to keep your inbox clear of emails, but you can’t delete ones you have read because you might need them? Rather than create a bunch of different files you can easily archive old emails. Archiving emails sends them to an “All Mail” folder so they don’t clutter up your inbox but you can easily still access them when needed.

Add a signature: Everyone ought to have an email signature, it saves a great deal of time as you don’t have to type your name and contact info at the bottom of each and every email. After you have created a signature, Gmail will automatically drop it into the bottom of your emails.

Filter your incoming messages: Filtering is a very clever feature of Gmail. It will automatically label, file, delete, or archive emails. You can pick the “Filter messages like this” option from Gmail’s “More” menu and specify what an email ought to include to have a certain action applied to it. For instance, if you are looking to hire someone you can have any email that includes the words “resume” or “job” sent to a specific folder.


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